Mission Statement

Lynn’s Honeywagon succeeds by delivering outstanding performance.We believe in service beyond expectation, achieved through a constant desire to anticipate and fulfill evolving customer needs.The honesty, intelligence, and commitment of our people are vital to Lynn’s Honeywagon’s mission. We share pride in the Company and respect each individual’s contribution at every level.Exemplary customer relationships drive Lynn’s Honeywagon’s growth and prosperity.Lynn’s Honeywagon is dedicated to pushing the limits of excellence, standing at the forefront to provide the finest and healthiest environments attainable in the industry. Lynn’s Honeywagon always strives to exceed its best.


Company History

In November of 1993 Lynn purchased a local septic tank pumping company from Dahle’s Honeywsucker who was looking to retire from the pumping business, and Lynn’s Honeywagon was born. We often get asked about the unusual name which came about because Lynn’s grandmother used to call the septic truck the “Honeywagon”. In the beginning, Lynn worked a full time job while pumping septic and holding tanks in the evenings and on weekends. This proved to be increasingly difficult as his name got out and more people were calling for Lynn’s Honeywagon’s services. In 1995 Lynn purchased his first new truck, left his job, and went into the pumping business full time. This proved to be a good move because by 2000 Lynn could no longer handle to work load by his self. At this same time, another local pumper was looking to downsize his operation and offered a portion of his business to Lynn. In this way, Lynn’s Honeywagon grew from a one man, single truck operation to a multi-person three truck operation. Lynn and his dad drove truck and operated in the field, while Lynn’s wife (fiancée at that time), Linda, managed the phones and office. Just a few short years later, Lynn’s Honeywagon expanded again when they hired two additional driver operators to work in the field.
When Lynn purchased the original business, it came with a couple of porta potties which were rented out to various people and serviced as needed. The porta potties proved to be a much needed service and by 2007, those two porta potties grew into a secondary branch of Lynn’s Honeywagon. Lynn purchased a dedicated portable truck and started running portables as a second daily route. In 2008, Lynn purchased the remainder of the company which downsized in 2000. This purchase more than doubled the number of portable units available for rental and added an additional septic pumping truck, making Lynn’s Honeywagon a four septic truck and two portable truck operation. This also created a need for additional summer help in the office and in the field. Currently, Lynn’s Honeywagon runs three or four septic trucks in the summer (one or two in the winter) and the new portable truck (purchased in 2013) runs year round. Linda answers the phone year round during office hours and Amanda helps in the summers.


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Lynn Kupsch

Owner / Operator

Started Lynn’s Honeywagon in 1993, and has grown the business to what it is today.

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Linda Kupsch


Coordinates drivers with appointments and locations. Provides customer service.[/cryout-column] [/cryout-multi]

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