Lynn’s Honeywagon is a proud retailer of products we’ve studied and tested over the years that we recommend for you to use on your system. We considered these products a very smart investment for anyone with a waste management system. By using the products we offer you can save yourself from much stress and dishing out large amounts of money in the long run. Below are products we have available for purchase and a few details about them; for more information and pricing contact us today!

Lenzyme, Inc.

Lenzyme is located just outside Green Bay, Wisconsin (home of the famous Green Bay Packers). The company was founded in 1974 and has grown steadily to meet customer demand ever since. 

Lenzyme products are distributed throughout the world byLenzyme Root Control 1 copy professional septic, plumbing and drain cleaning contractors.

Click here to learn more about Lenzyme, Inc’s products and a thorough database of knowledge to help diagnose and solve problems concerning your septic system.

Sweet Air Carbon Filters


Filters often become aged and begin to lose their effectiveness over time. If/when this happens to you will notice a smell or we will recognize the symptoms during servicing. We have the filters in stock and will make sure your system is fitted with the correct unit to eliminate odor as soon as possible.


 Risers and Covers


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Lynn’s Honeywagon recommends and is required by law in most locations that your man hole cover is accessible no further underground than six inches. Unfortunately, this is a new law and many tanks have been installed with covers well below the six inch mark. We work with two separate concrete manufactures to meet the needs of those who need to bring their system up to code. Between Huffcut and Wieser we are capable of ordering and installing new risers and covers that meet the specific dimensions of your system. Contact us to set up an appointment where will assess the situation and place an order for you.

Master Universal Keyed Locks


Lynn’s Honeywagon offers Master Locks that are configured to only open with custom pattern engraved keys. It’s required by law to lock your above ground man hole cover, and we recommend purchasing one our locks to do so. By using our locks you can eliminate the two most common problems associated to locking your tank that include lost keys and making sure we have access to the tank if you’re unavailable during your appointment.

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