Holding Tank Pumping

Lynn’s Honeywagon has been servicing residential and commercial holding tanks since 1993. Our expert staff provides the necessary services to properly maintain your holding tank.

  • A holding tank is a tank that collects ALL of the water the is used in your house. None of the water is filtered or removed in between services. For that reason, holding tanks need to be serviced often. An average family of 4 can go approximately 25-35 days on a 3,000 gallon tank.

How often should I have my holding tank serviced?

It depends on the size of the tank and family living in the house, but a good “rule of thumb” is a family of 4 can go 25-35 days in between services.

Since my holding tank needs servicing often, can I be placed on an automatic schedule? That way I don’t have to call every couple weeks?

Yes, but it’s very common that a holding tank system is equipped with an alarm. Once that alarm goes off the customer must call immediately to schedule service. Holding tank customers generally have a day or two worth of room before the system will overflow.



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